WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet

WowWee ChipAnother robot dog you might be saying, we’ve seen them before and while they were fun for a few days and maybe lasted the holidays ultimately they ended up gathering dust in the back of the toy cupboard.

Luckily for us 2016 has seen some real advances in robotics and artificial intelligence and this is going to be a year when tech toys finally start matching their claims.

Chip is a robot puppy that while it might not replace a real life pet is pretty close on and is an interactive toy that embarrassingly you will actually grow an emotional attachment to.

Chip comes with a Smartband, Smartbed and SmartBall which we talk more about in this article.


How Much?

Chip will go on sale on August 31st and will retail at $199.00


Who Would Buy It?

Wowee recommends this robotic dog for 6 – 15 year olds. It will also appeal to older kids and adults who are interested in robotics and AI. Younger kids are sure to love it as well but we would suggest that they play under supervision as you have two hundred bucks worth of tech here to go wrong!


Things We Like About It

Chip has a huge amount of functionality and features and we are just going to cover the tip of the iceberg here.

If you remember all those clunky robotic dogs of the past on legs that could hardly move, then you will love that Chip moves around on wheels. The mecanum wheels let chip move with speed, agility and multi direction so he can follow you around easily and play games with his ball.

Chips SmartBed serves as somewhere for him to sleep and charge when his battery is low he will return to his bed to recharge automatically.

Chip comes with a SmartBall you can train him to fetch the ball and bring it back to you or you can play soccer with him. This is a great way of utilizing a tech toy to keep your children active.


To control Chip you need to use the SmartBand and he will recognize you as his master and no one else as his owner. There are lots of interactive functions and actions that can be carried out between you, Chip and the SmartBand.

This is one of the real beauties of this toy in that you can for instance reward Chip for good behavior and he will know what you like or don’t like this makes him unique to each owner. Like a real dog you can train Chip to come to heel or stay. You can even get him to attack people that are annoying you, luckily he doesn’t bite!

Chip will constantly be updated to provide a better user experience with more features and improvements as time goes on.

It comes with a 90 day warranty.


Things We Did Not Like About It

We like what we are seeing so far and until there are consumer reviews online it is difficult to discuss any negatives.

Chip is an indoor robotic dog so if you planned on taking him for walks around the neighborhood this might be a bit of a disappointment.

Is It Worth The Money?

Two hundred dollars is a fair amount to pay out for a toy but this one is sure to have a lot of use and will be constantly updated through its app with more features so kids shouldn’t grow bored with it.


Where Can I Buy It?

Amazon is taking pre-orders now and it will officially be released on August 31st 2016.

Pre-Order Chip Here


Final Thoughts

Toy makers still haven’t got to the stage where they can replace a real life fido yet but this is certainly the closest they have got. As interactive AI toys go this is in a brand new league.


Selfie Mic

Selfie MicDubbed as the “selfie stick meets karaoke”, the Selfie Mic was launched on 1st July 2016, by Worlds Apart, and since then it has garnered a lot of attention. Just as the name suggests the Selfie Mic is a selfie stick with an inbuilt microphone. It allows the user to make their own music videos through its smartphone app known as the Star Maker app. Moreover, it allows the user to sing along with other thousands of songs and post them online. The selfie stick is inclusive of a smartphone holder and a microphone that acts as its handle as well. On the stick end, a wire is attached that helps the user plug it into their device so as to capture different sounds from the microphone, while on the ear piece is thatched on the rear of the mic. This product was officially launched in July 2016 through the website 

How is it used?

Using the Selfie Mic is pretty easy. Simply log into the StarMaker app and select the song of your choice. Place the device in the bracket , plug in the wires and there you are ready to perform your favorite jams. All other functions, from here are in the StarMaker app which is equally easy to use.

How Much

The Selfie Mic goes for only $29.99 inclusive of free shipping.

Who Would Buy It?

The Selfie Mic is suitable for kids above five years. It has no restrictions and can be used by people of all ages. 

Things We Like About It

a) It allows the user to sing record and share their own music videos

b) It allows the user to sing, lip sync and also perform to diverse hit songs

c) The Selfie Mic features an adjustable selfie stick, karaoke microphone, earpiece and a free StarMaker app

d) It is mostly ideal for parties

e) It comes with thousands of tracks already available 

f) It can be used by people of all ages

g) It requires no batteries for use

h) It helps the users create great and professional looking videos

i) It works on both android and iOS devices


Things We Did Not Like About It

a) It is mostly ideal for music lovers

b) It is suitable for children 

c) It must be used together with the StarMaker app which makes the process quite lengthy

Is It Worth The Money?

For all music and selfie lovers, then this device is worth the money. It not only allows you to take cute selfies but also allows you to express yourself musically giving you the music star effect. 

Where Can I Buy It?

The Selfie Stick is now available at Amazon

Check Here for Current Price at Amazon

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Selfie Mic and the StarMakerapp combination is an excellent way for kids to express themselves musically in a fun and professional way. For all the young karaoke stars who love taking selfies this is just the product to go for. 

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC CarSo let’s get this straight from the start, this is a made in China remote control car and it actually has nothing to do with the Marvel Comics Spiderman franchise. It’s marketed as a Spiderman wall climbing RC car because it does actually climb and drive up walls.

The car comes in three different colors; black, red and blue – the red one actually does look like something Spiderman might drive.

We are going to delve into the pros, cons and features of this zero gravity car.

How Much?

Currently it is available online for around $25 we always advise checking online stores such as Amazon to see what the current price is.


Who Would Buy It?

The manufacturers recommend 8 years and up but this is a fairly easy remote control car to operate and younger kids, maybe with supervision could easily operate this car.

This will appeal to most kids, teenagers and some adults if they have an interest in cars or RV vehicles, the wall climbing ability is likely to peak their interest.


Things We Like About It

Obviously it’s zero gravity function that makes it able to climb walls or even along the ceiling if the surface is smooth is the selling point here, this makes it a bit different than the traditional RC car. It uses a special air vacuum feature that sucks in air and holds it to a vertical surface without falling off.

It also works fine as a normal RC racing car and works as well on the floor as vertically or upside down.

Don’t let the made in China label put you off as this car is very durable and described as ‘shockproof’ so falls to the floor shouldn’t be any problem. Looking at review online it seems that users have found this the case.

The remote allows the car to go forwards, backwards, turn left and right and rotate 360 degrees.

When you stop the car its brake lights come on.



Things We Did Not Like About It


The car is fairly lightweight and small, so don’t be disappointed when it arrives, it actually needs to be like this otherwise it would be too big and heavy to climb the walls. Even though it is lightweight it is durable and won’t break easily.

It does require 6 x AA batteries that are not included, this could get very expensive if the car is used a lot and replacement batteries are constantly needed. From experience with my kids having lots of battery operated toys invest in rechargeable batteries and a battery charger and you will save a lot of money over a year.


Is It Worth The Money?


For a durable little remote control car that can climb walls we’d say it is certainly worth the money. As mentioned above having to buy batteries could get expensive but take our advice on rechargeable batteries.


Where Can I Buy It?

Amazon currently has all 3 colors in stock and user reviews and videos that demonstrate the SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car.

See SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber at Amazon Click Here


Final Thoughts

This will make a great gift for young or old and it will provide hours of fun either racing it up walls or around the floor.


Batman Voice-Changer Helmet

Batman Voice-Changer HelmetThere’s a lot of toy merchandise available that ties in with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but this voice changing helmet has got to be the one that you can have the most fun with.

While critics didn’t rate the film it was still a huge hit with kids and if they like the film they will love this.


How Much?

The recommend retail price is $29.99 but currently we are seeing it for lower prices online – check some of the big online stores such as Amazon to see if they are offering it at a discount price.


Who Would Buy It?

It’s Recommend for 4 to 10 year olds by Mattel the manufacturers. Reading user reviews online we have heard that 4 year olds to 40 year olds have been wearing this mask and having fun with it. Any superhero fan and especially Batman fans are going to want this mask.


Things We Like About It

It’s a nicely designed mask that requires two AA batteries luckily Mattel provide these so you are good to go as soon as you have the Batman mask out of its packaging.

The mask is sturdy and comfortable to wear and adjusts to accommodate head sizes small or large.

To turn the mask activation on you push a button inside the mask that can easily be accessed. To use the 15 pre-set sounds and phrases there is a button at the side.

We loved that you have two different functions with this mask

The Pre-Set voice that says phrases from the Batman Vs Superman movie such as Gotham City needs me, villains beware Batman is here and you can’t defeat me Superman.

The voice changer does just that and changes what the wearer is saying into a booming Batman voice that will amuse adults [for a while] and provide plenty of imaginative play for kids.

It also has light up eyes that illuminate in time to the voice, this looks especially cool and menacing in the dark.


Things We Did Not Like About It        


You can’t actually adjust the volume which is fairly loud, so if you are tired your child running around booming loudly in a Batman voice might become a bit tiresome.

Is It Worth The Money?

Your child will get plenty of creative long term play out of this mask having the two different setting of voice changer and pre-set phrases adds to the value. If you grab a cape and a batman mask as well they will look even more the part.


Where Can I Buy It?

The Batman Voice-Changer Helmet is available from all the big online stores and toy shops, Amazon would be a good place to start looking as they are very competitively priced.

Check The Current Amazon Price Here


Final Thoughts

This will light up any little Batman fans eyes [literally!] If you are looking for a gift for a child who likes there superheroes this would certainly be a great pick and all the family will have some fun with it.

Melissa and Doug’s Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

Melissa and Doug’s Make-a-Cake Mixer Set This cute little cake mixer is the perfect pretend toy for a child when they love to cook! With this toy, you can fuel their dreams of baking in a real setting with sturdy wood and beautifully painted flourishes that are a callback to older times when things were almost always wooden!

 How Much?

The cake mixer costs $20 on Toys R Us, and $25 on the Melissa and Doug website.

 Who Would Buy It?

This cake mixer set is aimed at kids, mostly due to the make believe setting that it promotes with the toys that come with it, but parents can play along, too! It has a cute little crank on the top which moves the mixer in the bowl with a speed dial on the side, and can be lifted up similar to a Kitchen Aid (but not nearly as pricey). The set also comes with a cracked wooden egg, a loaf tin and pound cake, a pound cake box, butter, a butter knife, and a recipe list.


Things We Like About It?

As it’s made of wood, it is certainly much more of a novelty than the dime a dozen plastic mixers you can find in stores. It is much more durable and can handle a child’s abuse if they decide to do some hardcore baking. Furthermore, the colors are gender neutral, which promotes a healthy idea beyond the case people often make that little girls are drawn to baking because kitchen items are typically feminine things.


Things We Don’t Like About It?


The thing about these kitchen sets is oftentimes if you want more than just a specific kind of product (a mixer, an oven, different types of food) they have to be purchased individually from each other, which drives up the price if your child gets bored of what they already have; however, that’s standard fare and certainly isn’t limited to Melissa and Doug’s products, and will probably never be an exclusive fad.

Is it Worth the Money?


Even if it is a singular set and a little high priced, well-made wooden products are very hard to come by and tell the consumer that it is something built to last and built with care in a world where cheaper production values equals more profit. In addition, the thing sells like hotcakes, so apparently it’s essentially a steal for how much they’re asking for it.


Where Can I Buy It?


Unfortunately, the only available places seem to be Toys R Us and Melissa and Doug’s website, and even in the latter case it was completely sold out and on backorder. On top of that, we couldn’t find anything on Amazon or any other toy sites, but it’s possible that some places could be updating their stock to suit consumer demands.


Final Thoughts


Upon reading the listing of the site, the producers won’t have extra stock available until September of this year, which likely means the toys aren’t made in bulk, which further solidifies the quality that goes into these toys, and kind of explains the price point. They seem to pride themselves on making toys that children can set their minds free with, and this is certainly an excellent toy for the job.

Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures

Funko POP Movies Ghostbusters 2016Who isn’t aware of the legendary movie “Ghostbusters” in 1984; and an even legendary release of its characters in the form of a toy which you can play with and pretend to be in the movie?

Gotten all nostalgic, isn’t it?

The same legacy has been followed after the release of this new Ghostbusters movie this year. All new characters, Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Patty Tolan, are molded into toys to release the new line of Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures.
How much?
All the characters can be bought individually through websites such as ranging from $6.71 to $8.78. You can also get them in a set of three, which will help you, collect more characters at one go, and you also save some pennies! To boast around your friends of owning all the characters of the new Ghostbusters, you can, without a doubt, buy the set of 7 characters, at $79.25. You can get them in sets of 3. 4, 7 or 8.

Who would buy this?
People from the 80’s and 90’s are less than amused by the idea of replacing the old and legendary characters from the 1984 Ghostbusters with the new ones in 2016. They might look forward to something fresh and hot off the press with these new characters but children of this generation have the recrudescence of the prodigious Ghostbusters, with new heroes to look up to.

Things we like
The portrayal of the epic Ghostbusters into individual toys is in itself a big mark towards the likings. The fact that the legacy is continued in the similar manner (just with new characters) is remarkable too, with the exact design and concept of the toy characters. These 6 inches toy characters are the exact prototypes of the new cast, just that they are a bit cuter.

The resemblance and the details are exactly impounded in the respective toys, including minute details such as the blasters on the back packs and the logo near their shoulders, or details such as sculpting Patty’s hair and her golden earrings. They have a 360 degree twisting movement, which is fun to play with.

You can proudly put these new characters on your toy shelf right next to the old ones, Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon, forming a stouthearted team.

Things we did not like
Surely the new toy characters are intimidating but there are some dislikes with this new line of products too. The only thing which is not liked is the disintegration between the old and new characters. We would like some kind of link between both the lines (regarding the characters).

Are they worth the money?
They surely are! The legendary Ghostbusters characters being molded into tiny cute vinyl toys are worth the price. The presence of these make you feel the aura tried to create the movie, and there is no doubt about them being famous since the past 30 years!

Where can I buy them?
There are many online websites such as, ebay, and If you would want to check them out yourself before buying, you can visit any store near you.

Check Out the Full Range at Amazon CLICK HERE

Final Thoughts

With the release of these new characters with a line of POP toys, another leaf is embarked in the history of Ghostbusters. This sci-fi flick has done justice to the older one and so have the new toy characters.

WowWee REV Air

WowWee REV AirArtificial intelligence has already sped its way into almost every sphere of the modern lifestyle – from hospitality to healthcare – hence; unsurprisingly the A.I. technology has begun to make some serious moves into the world of the latest tech.
WowWee REV Air has become one of the most highly-advanced additions to this list. These impressive REV – Robotic Enhanced Vehicles, which are app-enabled and perfectly built to offer you a new era of speed and battle games. Moreover, the long-anticipated WowWee REV Air introduces a completely new drone component to WowWee’s REV battle-game platform.

This powerful toy allows you to fly a quadcopter around the battlefield taking on an AI-enabled ground vehicle.

How Much?
Well, this awesome toy car has not been yet released by the brand. But, as per the WowWee’s official communication, it has been confirmed that the approximate price of this model would be around $129.99 dollars.

Who Would Buy It?
If you are among the Robot lovers, or even if you are crazy about battle and speed games, this high-tech flying robot car will be a perfect fit for you. Its advanced technology allows you to control and play this game in the real-world and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. And obviously, it supports a multiplayer game; hence you can invite your friends to join, make them your opponents, and instantly experience the thrilling real-world gameplay. The official WowWee website recommends this game for any individual, aged more than 13 years old.

Things We Like About It

1.The impressive toy car has the enough punch and potential that can definitely elevate your gaming experience with A.I technology.

2. WowWee REV Air has some completely new and striking features, which aren’t available with its existing REV models.

3. This powerful toy is completely app-based. You will control your quadcopter drones and the REV car from your portable gadgets i.e. any Bluetooth-enabled smartphones or tablets.

4. It features the exciting combination of two latest technologies: Flight Control Systems and Beaconsense Artificial Intelligence.

5. As a player, you will be either engaged in controlling the flying quadcopter to speed and battle an AI enabled vehicle, or, alternatively, you can be chased by the AI quadcopter which is well-capable of attack and defense, fire virtual missiles & weapons, and swarm on your maneuverable REV car.

6. To boost your gaming experience further, this toy car allows you to bring your friends and enjoy a real-time gaming sensation.

7. And finally, you will experience an amazingly unique experience as the Artificial intelligent flight is made entirely autonomous, hence, you can focus more on the exciting real-world gameplay.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Well, this amazing toy car doesn’t have any significant flaws. It is geared toward teenagers and younger children may find the intricacy of it all challenging.

Is It Worth The Money?
It’s certainly not cheap but in its combination of air and road play it is completely unique and this innovation makes it value for money in our opinion.

Where Can I Buy It?
The first look of this set has been already unveiled by WowWee and REV Air will be officially available on the market by the end of 2016. Keep an eye open on their website for an official release date and also Amazon as they sometimes have WowWee brand toys on pre-order.

Final Thoughts
WowWee REV Air brings a completely new flying dimension to your battlefield. This model combines all the latest technologies of advanced battle-games to present you a sheer real-time gaming experience. Whether you are a game lover or not, you will be surely impressed with REV Air’s striking features and advance tech.

Trolls Hug Time Poppy

TROLLS HUG TIME POPPYTrolls is an upcoming 3D animated musical comedy film which is planned to be released on November 4, 2016. The trailer of the film has earned a good reaction with critics so far and is likely to be a favorite for kids.

There will be a range of toy merchandise that tie in with the movie. The star of the movie is the loveable troll princess Poppy who plays a positive role in the movie with a unique characterization. The heroic character always lifts the people around her with a positive vibration of “You can do anything”.

The optimistic little Poppy doll is in the shade of a light pink color with attractive eyes and crazy hair. Poppy wears a colorful blue dress with green shades in it. Her hair is dressed with a cute green band with three blue color flowers in it. She always solves her problem with a dance, a song and a hug. Poppy and her nine friends believe that hugs makes sad times less sad and happier times happier.

To spread happiness among the kids, Poppy gains a new life and is ready to reach the kids via Hug Time poppy doll. The Hug time poppy doll is available with a hug time bracelet. Both the kids and the doll can wear the matching bracelets. The hug time bracelet allows the kids and the doll to talk to each other. When the doll is activated, poppy’s hair and the bracelet will light based upon the beat of the music. Pressing the tummy of the doll will make the doll to sing and dance. Poppy doll set includes fuzzy flair material, styling tool and wigs. Kids can create stylish hair styles for their Poppy doll.

How much is the Trolls Hug Time Poppy?

The price of the Trolls hug time poppy is set to retail at $49.99

Who would buy Hug time Poppy?

Recommended for kids of four years and over this will appeal to young children especially girls. Once kids have seen the movie they are likely to want this toy as a gift.

Things we like about Hug time poppy

1. The doll has a soft and plush body
2. The crazy hair of the poppy dolls will be attractive to kids and they will love to dress the hair of their Poppy with different and stylish hairdos.
3. The jumbo size poppy dolls are lovely for big hugs.
4. The hug time bracelets will make this an interactive experience with the doll.
5. Hug time poppy entertains the kids with its song and dance.

Things we did not like about Hug time poppy

1. The size of the poppy doll is too large for some kids to handle.
2. The appearance of the doll might scare some kids.

Is the doll worth the Money?

If your child becomes a big fan of the film this will probably be one well spent if they haven’t seen the film or weren’t particularly impressed with it, there are plenty of other plush toys to choose from at a cheaper price.


Where can I buy the doll?

This is going to be a big movie, so all the toy merchandise will be available online from the big stores.
Final Thoughts

The Poppy character is a good role model for young kids and the interactive bracelet feature makes it unique from other plush toys. If your child enjoys the movie they are likely to appreciate this doll as a gift.

SainSmart Jr. VC-03 Rechargeable Voice Control Car

Rechargeable Voice Control CarKids and adults alike love remote control toys, there is nothing like mastering a toy car and getting it to speed about the room under your control.

This RC car goes one step further and it responds to your vocal commands. The voice control car comes in six different versions so you can choose the design or color that you like best.

It comes with the car, a Smartwatch controller and a charging cable.

How Much?

We are currently seeing them available online for $24-$26 but it is best to check online to see the current price


Who Would Buy It?

This would make a great gift for any child that likes cars or remote control vehicles. If you have more than one child to buy for it is even better because two cars to race together would double the fun.

Things We Like About It

First up the rechargeable batteries are included with the package so you can charge it all up and be good to go. Make sure you read the instructions first and also charge both the car and the watch.

The main selling point for this RC car is that it responds to your voice with eight voice activated commands – Go forward, Go Back, Turbo, Car break, spinout and demo. It also has lights and you can switch them on and off with the commands Light On and Light Off.

It is pretty easy to use but is very fast so take it slowly at first and memorize the Car Break voice activation command!

If you don’t want to use the voice control commands you can control the car manually with five controls on the smartwatch.

The charge holds for a long time so you get plenty of playing time out of it each time it is used.

Things We Did Not Like About It

Some users had issues with the watch not recognizing their voice commands so make sure you speak loudly and clearly.

We thought command ‘Car Break’ was a bit strange, why not just have it as ‘Stop’ this would seem to make more sense.

It might take a while to memorize all the different voice commands at first but young kids are normally pretty quick at picking this up.

Is It Worth The Money?

These are good sized and nice looking RC cars and with the added smartwatch and voice activation feature it makes them a good value product. Throw in the rechargeable battery as well and you have a bargain.

Where Can I Buy It?

Looking online we have only seen them on sale at Amazon and on eBay. Amazon has all six different variants in stock at the time of writing this review. You can check the current price here.

Final Thoughts

Remote control vehicles also make great gifts especially for boys, they will especially like the smart looking watch and voice activation functions of the SainSmart Jr. RC car and it is sure to be a surefire hit.

NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set

NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building SetThe NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set blends basketball and Lego. It will appeal to individuals who love make-believe NBA basketball action as they get a chance to construct the court, form the lineup, create the NBA logo, time clock and more. Consisting of 393 pieces, this full-court building set can be constructed within an hour. It weighs approximately 1 ounce and has dimensions of 15 x 11.9 x 3.2 inches.

How Much? 

The NBA C3 full court building set brings out a real-like NBA basketball experience. It features items found in the real court such as 24-second clock, sideline seats, full court, basketball rim, 2 NBA basketballs, NBA Logo and more. You will also find popular basketball teams such as New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks .Notable players include LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and Dirk Nowitzki. The set is available online and retails between $69.94 and $ 79.99 for new units.


Who Would Buy It? 

The NBA C3 Full Court Building Set is designed for both the young and the old. Users who should consider buying the “make-believe’ gaming set includes the following:

-Young kids aged above 2 years and love the Lego experience.

– Mature kids who are passionate about basketball

– NBA Basketball fans and enthusiast

– Basketball coaches who would like to stimulate a real court experience

– Collectors seeking to grow their collection


Things We Like About It

– Quality and Solid Construction

– Easy to create and User-friendly

– Fun to play and boosts creativity
Things We Did Not Like About It

– Takes time to create especially for a newbie

– Not the cheapest in the market

– Not suitable for those below 2 years

Is It Worth The Money?

The NBA construction scores well is regard to quality, ease of setup, realistic appeal, and longevity. It’s also quite versatile and is suitable for both the young and the old. Accordion to the manufacturers, people aged 2 years and above can purchase it. However, it may take an hour to construct the set, and compared to other similar units, the NBA C3 Elite Edition isn’t the cheapest. Taking all matters into account, the NBA C3 Construction which can be viewed at is worth the money and time.

Where Can I Buy It?

The rising demand for the NBA C3 Full Court Building Set has led to many sellers who operate online and offline. The cost of the product varies from one vendor to another. There are some sites that offer great discounts depending on the quantities bought and also free shipping to specified locations. One of the top selling sites is which is currently selling the unit at a discounted price  for new units, and free shipping is also offered. There is also a collector set which is going for $ 124.99.

Check for Current Price at Amazon Here


Final Thoughts

The C3 NBA Full Court Construction Set seeks to bring out a real-like basketball experience. It features the different elements found in an NBA court such as sideline seats and logos, and also has popular basketballers such as Kobe, LeBron, Nowitzki, and Durant among others. The set represents some of the famous teams in the NBA

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